Program Evaluation and Monitoring 

A Road Map to Advance Program Outcomes


Grays Peak Strategies has the right people with experience to help you reach your agencies potential, and provide better outcomes for the people you serve.   

  • Is your program challenged to move federal performance measures?
  • Do you have a county or region that needs an overall assessment?
  • Are you wondering what outreach initiatives could help with shrinking caseloads?
  • Do you have fewer staff and need to evaluate all work activities for further efficiency?
  • Have you failed a data reliability audit?

Whether you are a new State or Tribal Director, or a new Region or County Executive, or even if you have been in your leadership position a while and you want an objective assessment of your program, you can trust Grays Peak Strategies to deliver a customized performance evaluation of your operations. Grays Peak Strategies utilizes over 50 years of combined child support program experience to review, identify and recommend changes to improve performance, remedy data issues or quantify results. Our approach to Program Evaluation includes subject matter experts in key evaluation areas: Efficiency, Accuracy, Effectiveness, and Performance Outcomes.

With the continued effort to do more with less and improve delivery of human service programs, directors, funders, policymakers, and other stakeholders are increasingly recognizing the importance of program evaluations. Evaluations vary whether you want to understand what the program is accomplishing, at what cost, what factors are impacting performance, are certain regions having issues, or are they being  operated to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness. The underlying goal or focus of the evaluation allows conclusions based on evidence, rather than assumptions or testimonials. Grays Peak Strategies takes those conclusions to develop custom recommendations to help you bring your organization performance where you want it to be. We are available to assist you and your team with evaluating program areas whether it is comprehensive analysis of quality, efficiency or overall performance.

Grays Peak Strategies offers you a unique opportunity to have an objective and comprehensive program review suited to you and the standards and goals you have for every level of your organization.