Procedural Justice


Grays Peak Strategies believes that every agency can achieve greatness and welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization to share our expertise in the area of procedural justice.

Procedural justice, used interchangeably with procedural fairness, is the idea that how individuals regard the justice system is tied more to their perceived fairness of the process and how they were treated, rather than their perceived fairness of the outcome. Research has demonstrated that a focus on improving the operation of an entity through procedural justice principles elevates the functioning of that entity both internally and externally. People are more likely to adopt the outcomes and decisions (pay child support orders) if they believe that the processes to get to the Order are fair.  Adoption and positive interactions with our child support agencies can positively improve family dynamics and outcomes for children.  

Our assessment provide detailed recommendations on how your organization can conceptualize these “fairness” processes and provides a tool that your agency can monitor for continuous improvement.

  • Are your processes consistent?
  • Are those that are carrying out the processes impartial and neutral?
  • Do the parents we serve believe that they have a voice in the process?
  • Are the processes clear and transparent?
  • Do your employees believe that the processes work and are fair?