Change Management

A Compass in a World of Change


The one constant in life is change, in times of change, it is common for people to resist. In order to maximize adoption, the best approach is to have a process that helps those involved get on board with change. Helping your team embrace change starts with the realization that it is normal to resist and often fight the process. 

As you consider your program and where you’re headed, are any of the below events part of your plan? If so you may want to consider adding a change management component to the process to aid in the acceptance and minimize resistance/disruption in your organization.

  • Has or is your program undergoing a business process re-engineering initiative?
  • Are you planning for a new system?
  • Has there been a recent change in leadership that has shifted the goals or focus of the organization?
  • Have you implemented a new approach or changed staff roles?

Grays Peak Strategies approach to assisting with change management is straightforward. We help you to understand your landscape, where your road-map is directing you, what your resistance points are, and then we help map out strategies, processes and tools necessary to achieve success.  Its human nature to resist change, its uncomfortable, stressful and scary for everyone at times.  But there are processes that can be implemented to better manage and build team acceptance of change that gets everyone on-board and moving in the same direction.

Change Management doesn’t occur over night; it is not an “event” it is a process that takes time. As changes occur, it’s important to make sure all team members are supporting the new system, initiative or change and working toward its success. Using a structured change management process encourages the acceptance and support of new programs.

Grays Peak Strategies works with you, setting the course in adopting new initiatives while helping your organization manage the change required to ensure success